Thematic Areas

The main theme is being divided into several sub-themes as detailed below, but not necessarily limited to:

·         Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)

·         Knowledge discovery tools

·         Digital rights management

·         Information governance

·         Content creation and management

·         Open access, open data, data migration

·         Bibliometrics

·         Digital humanities

·         Digital tools for information and knowledge management

·         Knowledge sharing and dissemination

·         E-learning and MOOCs

·         Smart Libraries and SDGs

·         Role of Information institutions and its Professionals in achieving SDGs

·         Information Marketing

·         Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) at public institutions

·         IKM for public policy making

·         Big data and SDGs

·         Data and information gap analysis for SDGs

·         IKM for monitoring and evaluation of SDGs

·         Information and knowledge dissemination to build inclusive, effective and accountable public institutions

·         Information literacy as a critical skill to achieve SDGs

·         Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

·         Capacity building strategy for SDGs

·         Learning and development organizations, and knowledge management.

·         R&D capacity for innovation institutional mechanism for public service innovation management

·         Transformational leadership in a complex environment

·         Artificial intelligence and SDGs

·         Value co-creation and SDGs

·         Service innovation for sustainable development

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