Conference Program

Honorable Chief Guest of Inaugural Ceremony

Dr. Hasan Mahmud, MP
Honorable Minister
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Honorable Special Guest of Inaugural Ceremony

Mr. Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury, MP
Honorable Deputy Minister
Ministry of Education
Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

03.08.2023 [Thursday]
Virtual Session: Zoom
Time: 11.30 AM (Bangladesh Time)
Session Chair: Ayse Yuksel-Durukan


Bridging the divide: Telepresence robots in GLAMs for inclusive information access in a smart society      
Sirje Virkus (Keynote Speech)

Leave no one behind: Inclusive and equitable access
Vicki McDonald (Keynote Speech)

Inclusive education embracing for a smart society
Ratko Knezevic, PhD (Invited Speaker)

Experiencing open data as a platform for equitable access to information: Learning and research perspectives
A. K. M. Eamin Ali Akanda (Invited Speaker)

Breaking Barriers: Technological Innovations for Enhancing Access to Opportunities
Shipra Awasthi, Amar Singh Yadav, Shiva Kanaujia Sukula

The Impact of Community-based Micro-finance in Urban Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh: A Study on Sylhet City Corporation
Sabina Yasmin, Md. Khalid Saifullah

Smart Librarianship to Make ‘Open Access’ Accessible, Manageable, and Inclusive: The What and How?
Zakir Hossain

Global university rankings: Role of LIS academics and practitioners in achieving a universal position
Shamima Yesmin


04.08.2023 [Friday]

Inaugural Ceremony
Time: 5.00 PM
Venue: Manzur Elahi Auditorium 


4.45 PM—— Arrival of Guests
5.00 PM—— Guests take their seats at the stage
5.05 PM—— Welcoming Guests with souvenir
5.10 PM—— About the organizers
5.20 PM—— Proceedings unveiling
5.25 PM—— Welcome Speech by Conference Chair
5.35 PM—— Keynote Speech
5.55 PM—— Speech of Special Guest
6.10 PM—— Speech of Chief Guest
6.30 PM—— Speech of Program Chair
6.40 PM—— End of the program

05.08.2023 [Saturday]
Room No: 550 (Lecture Gallery)
Time: 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM
Session Chair: Anita Bhattarai



Awareness of faculty members of universities of Bangladesh on institutional repositories
Dr. Muhammad Hossam Haider Chowdhury (Invited Speaker)

Knowledge management challenges of some selected university libraries and its information professionals of Bangladesh: A case study
Md. Fazlul Quader Chowdhury, Razia Sultana
Exploring the Role of Data Literacy in Promoting Higher Education and Academic Research
Md. Asaduzzaman, A. K. M. Eamin Ali Akanda
Unlocking the Doors of Knowledge: Unveiling the Dynamic Landscape of Open Educational Resources (OER) for the Students at the University of Rajshahi
Md. Ashikuzzaman, Dr. Md. Shariful Islam, Mujahidul Islam
Breaking the Digital Divide: Strategies for Promoting User Empowerment and Information Literacy among Young People for Inclusive Access to Digital Information
Farzana Akter Munni, Md. Nazim
Youth Exposure to Disinformation in Online platforms: The Role of Librarians in Promoting Media Literacy Skills
Golam Mostafa, Md. Nazim, Razia Sultana Parul

05.08.2023 [Saturday]
Room No: 242 (Razia Samad Lecture Gallery)
Time: 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM
Session Chair: Dr. Khandakar Kamrul Hasan


Higher education in post-pandemic Bangladesh: Have we become media and information literate?
Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque (Invited Speaker)
The role of library and information professionals in promoting digital fluency: Emerging challenges and opportunities
Dr. Kazi Mostak Gausul Hoq (Invited Speaker)
Information sharing behavior on Facebook: LIS Students’ information literacy perspective
Md. Mahbubul Islam, Md. Imran Hossain, A.K.M. Eamin Ali Akanda, Md. Nazmul Hasan, Md. Armanul Haque
Challenges for Implementation of ICT in University Libraries of Bangladesh
Anita Helen
Webometric analysis of alternative access to scholarly publication: Special reference to LibGen and Sci-Hub
Md. Liton Ali
Health literacy and health status of Bihari refugees living in Mohammadpur Geneva Camp, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Md. Tanzilur Rahman, Walid Bin Kader

05.08.2023 [Saturday]
Room No: 550 (Lecture Gallery)
Time: 11.30 AM to 1.15 PM
Session Chair: Dr. Muhammad Hossam Haider Chowdhury


Exploring the responsiveness and practice of electronic journals among postgraduate students in a public university
Sabrina Aktar
Unlocking research potential: A bibliometric study of scientific publications of Khulna University
Md. Nurul Islam, Md Monirul Islam, Md Aiub Hossain, Md. Tarik Been Aziz, Itfa Farjana
Students’ approach towards using the library resources of Noakhali Science and Technology University
Ahsan Ullah
Changing strategy of digital literacy and digital knowledge management after COVID‐19 pandemic among librarians: An analytical study of Nepal
Reshma Dangol, Anita Bhattarai
A Competence-Based Approach to Data Librarianship for LIS Professionals of Bangladesh
Tanjina Parvin, Md. Roknuzzaman
The impact of reading class for enhancing school students’ creative practices: A study at an international school in Bangladesh
Farhana Islam Auishie

05.08.2023 [Saturday]
Room No: 242 (Razia Samad Lecture Gallery)
Time: 11.30 AM to 1.15 PM
Session Chair: Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque


Knowledge management and leadership practice in information institutions of Bangladesh: Benefits and challenges
Nawshaba Bulia, Md. Monirul Islam
Agricultural information dissemination through training program: A case study of NATA
Lupu Rahman
An Empirical Analysis of Internet Security Behavior among Public University Students in Bangladesh
Md. Atikuzzaman
Exploring the fancy world: CNN’S coverage of AI generated content
Raiyan Bin Reza 
Investigating Student Perceptions of Personal Privacy and Cybersecurity in Social Media: A Survey-Based Study with Effective Cybersecurity Training Framework
Rahat Uddin Azad, Sabiha Tasmim
Challenges and Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Models in Higher Education: A Thematic Analysis
Khandakar Kamrul Hasan, Hissan Khandakar, Kazi Fattah Afnan

05.08.2023 [Saturday]
Room No: 242 (Razia Samad Lecture Gallery)
Time: 2.30 AM to 4.30 PM
Session Chair: Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam


Technology-enabled online and digital learning for NEP 2020 in India
Partha Pratim Das (Invited Speaker)
Digital preservation of the daily newspaper for space shaping and ensuring users services in Dhaka University Library, Bangladesh
Mohammad Shakaought Hossian Bhuiyan, Dr. Md. Nasiruddin Munshi, Md. Monirul Islam
Understanding university students’ familiarity and perceptions with data science and related terminologies: A developing country perspective
Sabiha Tasmim
Design and Implementation of a Consortium for Medical College Libraries in Bangladesh: A Proposed Model
Md. Abdul Hakim Shah, Afrin Sultana, Md. Sakib Biswas
User Satisfaction on Library Resources and Services: A study at ZNRF University of Management Sciences
Samira Ferdous
Students approach towards online learning during covid-19 period: A Public University perspective
Abdullah Al Imran, Tonmoy Kumar
Assessment of services implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study on academic library
Farhana Islam Auishie, Anosua Islam Aurthy, Mahbub E Shobhanee, Maisha Matin, Upogga Nusrat Urbi

Closing Ceremony 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Room No: 242 (Razia Samad Lecture Gallery)


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